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Services :-System Auditing.

One major problem with installed systems is the understanding of the system as it is now. We aim to provide you with a complete listing of Hardware and Software, currently installed within your offices.

Key Benefits

Understand your current investment both functionally and financially.

Are you getting the best from the system, could it be more efficient.

How best to make changes utilising the equipment currently installed.

Make sensible business decisions:- when and what to upgrade.

Enabling you to then Aim
Using your existing records of purchases, and the systems currently sitting on desks. We can complete a list of hardware and software including versions and serial numbers. The information could then be added to a managed database to enable customised analysis and printouts.

Identify all relevant hardware components and peripherals.
Identify all relevant Software versions and serial number, including the level of service pack release installed and available.
Database Population
Once all the information as been collected it can be added to a customised database and available for generation of reports at anytime.

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