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Backup for Workgroups is a disk-based, client/server automatic backup and disaster recovery software program for Windows servers and desktops. Designed for the small office, it can operate within your existing computer network; it only needs access to enough disk-based storage to hold your backups and does not use expensive tapes and tape drives.

 Wizards walk you through installing, configuring and using Backup for Workgroups to make backup and data recovery easy for offices with limited or no traditional IT staff. Backs up Exchange Server, Active Directory, SQL, Open Files, Outlook and everything else on your Windows Servers and workstations.

 Sends you Daily Email Summaries to keep you informed of the results of all your backups. Color-coded tables alert you of any problems so you can take corrective actions if needed. Comes with 4 preset recovery options that allow you to restore one or more files, restore accidentally deleted files, perform a point-in-time roll-back, or restore your entire computer.

Customized Disaster Recovery reports guide you through the disaster recovery process. Use the included Mirroring feature to automatically copy your backup data to a second location that can be on-site or off-site. Provides you with enterprise backup features at small business prices.


- Backup for Workgroups Add-On Products -

The Backup for Workgroups Active Directory Add-On will backup the Active Directory database while in use, which helps Administrators maintain the unique security ID numbers assigned to every user and device it controls. (Windows 2000).

The Backup for Workgroups Open File Add-On interacts with the Windows API to access and backup files and databases while they are in use. Includes support for any running service including Active Directory and SQL. (Windows XP & 2003 only).



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